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Season progressing

SPS / SAF applications

We are now into April and the RLE 1 deadline for transferring entitlements has passed (April 2nd).  SPS / SAF applications have to be in by or on 15th May. The RPA are having a big push for more of the applications to made on  line.   It is possible that by 2015 all applications may have to made on line (whether this is practical is another issue).  The new Basic Payment Scheme is likely to start in 2015 where an increase in the ‘greening’ requirement is amongst other proposed changes to what we have at the moment.

Oilseed rape

Oilseed still hiding in many fields!  The picture below is unsurprisingly not from 2012/13 cropping!





N prices have moved up slightly.  P’s & K’s are fairly static.  Delivery may be an issue if late ordered but with the very late spring it may not be such a major problem.

Commodity prices

Wheat and rape prices still strong as well as forward prices.  Which way they will go is anyone’s guess but the late spring may have a long term influence.


Cold winter late spring leading to a wonderful summer!!??  We can dream.



Any thoughts on buying in N and N + S?

Cereal seed

With wheat prices soaring it will be worthwhile sorting out seed ASAP.


WE ARE ALL EMIGRATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!